Sunday, August 1, 2010

During the week that we were told Eli probably had SMA, a postcard appeared on Post Secret  that led many people to sign the petition and raised some serious awareness of SMA.   Today, I found this postcard.   As we go into yet another difficult anniversary, I find it fitting that one of my frequent complaints shows up on PS.   I wish people could understand how the words they *think* are comforting really just piss me off and make me want to slap them.   If I told you I planned to go out and kill someone or if I saw a man dying my plan would be to do NOTHING to help, would you think that was a good plan?   A plan that that person's family would find comforting?  No.   So your god planning for my son to die or doing nothing to cure him is NOT comforting.   Please think before you speak, especially when dealing with grieving families.  

Now they just need something to deal with the other stupid line of "everything happens for a reason".  


Murphy's Law said...

I'm with you, Rita! There is no reason. No good reason at all. I'm sorry your arms are empty and your heart is hurting.

Sära said...

I agree as well. It always bothers me when people say things like that. I just can't believe in any reason at all for this sort of thing to happen to a precious child.
All I can say is I am so sorry and I will keep you all in my thoughts.

Sara said...

When I saw this postcard my thoughts immediately went to you. I hope I'm not the one this post is directed at, because I would never try and tell you something like that. I like to think I know better. I love you bunches <3