Friday, October 10, 2008

Who hates eating? Eli of course!

Napping with his kitty!
Happy and chillin'
Ready to go!
Our little monkey!
I love my truck! Wanna ride?

Well, we've been having more issues with our little guy... for the past 2 weeks he hasn't wanted to eat much at all. He turned away screaming whenever we try to give him a bottle. He's not been able to sleep much either, so all this has made for some long days and nights. We went to the doctor twice this week and he had lost 5oz between Monday and Thursday. We had to get some bloodwork and a chest x-ray done yesterday and switched to the 4th formula in the last few weeks. He seems to be eating much much better on this new formula, but it has been less than 24 hours so we aren't totally confident all is better. It will be good to see what the lab results show us since they are testing for a milk allergy among other things. He's been really congested lately too, so the x-ray was to see if he had anything in his lungs that we needed to worry about. I'm just glad to see some improvement and hope it continues. We don't want to end up back in the hospital again!

Eli is getting ready for his first Halloween, so we thought we'd share some pictures. His grandma sent money for his costume, but its a surprise for her, so I hope she likes it when she looks at the pictures! (thanks, Mom).

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