Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a BOY!

We finally found out today! So, Eli it is! (Elias Gregory is the full name, but I've been calling him Eli for months now!) We went shopping today after the ultrasound and got him his first Astros outfit! :) I couldn't find a newborn one, so I still need to get him one of those. We'll go in the gift shop when we go to opening day in a few weeks! I figure I'll be watching most of the games from home this season, but we are at least going to that one.

We went and ordered this furniture for him today. I love it and we got both pieces! I'm going to try a baseball/Astros theme for the room if I can find the stuff. I went to Target today to get this baseball pig bank I've been looking at for months and of course they didn't have it. I knew I should have bought it already! Oh well, hopefully they will restock soon!


Anonymous said...

The name Eli brought up some interesting memories for Granny about Papaw. You'll have to ask her about them. Love the furniture, have fun decorating. Merm

Michelle Dunn said...

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